Our task was to support the client in creating, from scratch, teams that will work on the existing and new application for the aviation industry. The deadline for delivering the teams was one month after taking up the challenge, which seemed almost unreal during the vacation period. After initial analyses we declared that we will fulfil the assignment… and rolled up our sleeves!

The challenge was difficult not only because of the short deadline and specific technological requirements that each team had to cover. In this case, it was very important to ensure our client that the people delivered will not only be a patchwork of individualists, but they will create a good foundation for a team able to efficiently interact with each other and communicate effectively. Therefore, we focused not only on reaching people with specific skills, but also selected those who will be able to enter the culture of the American corporation smoothly. They had to be communicative people with a lot of passion for development, presenting an appropriate level of personal culture. Selected people were confronted with a team-building session, which allowed us to create and present two full teams.

Therefore, we began with an in-depth analysis of the problem, and then we designed the entire recruitment process in order to meet it in the best possible way. The individual stages can be summarized as follows:

  1. Designing the sourcing strategy.
  2. Selection – based on technical questions created specifically for both teams.
  3. Team building session of selected candidates – after analysis, we decided for a cooperative game Raven13 (https://www.abcportal.eu/games/), which worked well in the context of checking the capabilities of a team working in agile environment to cooperate.

After the meetings, we were able to present the final offers of the teams, including:

– Description of the team-creation process

– Unified profiles of team members, together with a psychological report

– Competency matrix of the entire team

– Timetable

– Costs and final remarks

Before making the final decision, we organized the so-called “team-reinforcement” together with the client, which is the final meeting at which everyone, both the client and the candidates, could verify all doubts and mutual fears.